The Parallel Program emblem.

Parallel Program Report

Covers Guardians who contributed to Destiny 2 and have received the Parallel Program emblem.

Have the emblem? Contact me so I can add it to the list!

Logo of aiobungie aiobungie

A Destiny 2 API wrapper in Python.

api python
Logo of Asher Mir Asher Mir

I notify when a Vex Incursion is happening!

Logo of Braytech Braytech

Powerful Destiny application that allows users to view and map checklists, track and view triumphs, inspect collectibles, and so much more.

collections maps planning progress rotations stats
Logo of Charlemagne Charlemagne

A Discord bot that provides detailed Destiny information. Check profile stats, clan ranking, and schedule LFG posts.

clan discord rotations stats
Logo of D2ArmorPicker D2ArmorPicker

Optimize your Destiny 2 loadout stats with just a few clicks.

planning stats
Logo of D2Checklist D2Checklist

A report on Destiny 2 progress & stats. Includes PvP, Raids, weekly PvE activities, and more.

planning progress rotations stats
Logo of D2Foundry D2Foundry

A weapon roll explorer and theorycrafting tool for Destiny 2.

planning stats
  • gothfemme — Founder, Web Designer, Developer
  • Harm — Calculator and Testing Lead
  • Crystal — Rust Engineer
  • andromeda — Rust Engineer
  • MossyMax — Damage Values / PVE Power Level Formulas
Logo of D2 Lost Sector Report D2 Lost Sector Report

Your daily Destiny 2 Legend & Master Lost Sector report.

Logo of DestinyCommand DestinyCommand

A chat bot that you can install anywhere. It allows you and your viewers to check stats across Destiny.

Logo of Destiny Emblem Collector Destiny Emblem Collector

The ultimate repository for Destiny emblems.

Logo of Destiny History Destiny History

A tool to highlight the history of Destiny, with a timeline tailored for you.

  • niv — Maintainer
Logo of Destiny Insights Destiny Insights

An app that provides insightful info for mods: how many times they were sold, when they made their last appearance, and more!

Logo of Destiny Item Manager Destiny Item Manager

Build the loadout you've always wanted, transfer items with ease, and check records at any time to Become Legend.

collections inventory progress rotations
Logo of Destiny Recipes Destiny Recipes

A collection of useful tools for Destiny. Prep for future seasons with the Pre-seasonal Checklist, clean your vault with the Vault Cleaner, and much more!

  • HerrExion — Maintainer
  • ARTES — Polish (pl-PL) Translator
  • Catchup — German (de-DE) Translator
  • Fly — Italian (it-IT) Translator
  • Frozty — Chinese (zh-CN) Translator
  • gevoup — Russian (ru-RU) Translator
  • R4NDO — Japanese (ja-JP) Translator
  • ThePanicEnd — Mexican-Spanish (es-MX) Translator
Logo of Destiny Sets Destiny Sets

Track your missing Collections gear, armor sets, and pursuit badges.

api collections
Logo of DestinyTracker DestinyTracker

The website for detailed profile and weapon statistics. Compete against top players in featured leaderboards.

api progress rotations stats
Logo of DotNetBungieAPI DotNetBungieAPI

.NET API wrapper.

api csharp
Logo of Felicity Felicity

A multi-purpose Destiny Discord bot, which includes features like a roll finder, crafting recipes progress, collections guide, and more.

collections discord planning progress stats
Logo of Ghost Overlay Ghost Overlay

A mini app that lets you pin bounties, triumphs, and quests on top of Destiny 2 so you can track them while you play.

progress stats
Logo of Ghost Scan Ghost Scan

Tool for keeping track of your progress while playing Destiny 2.

progress stats
Logo of

A resource of PvP tools for Destiny.

Logo of Guardian Theater Guardian Theater

Find yourself in the Twitch VODs that your Destiny 2 teammates and opponents recorded.

Logo of Gunsmith Gunsmith

A Destiny 2 weapon crafting simulation tool.

  • dre — Maintainer
Logo of Ishtar Collective Ishtar Collective

Categorizing Destiny Lore.

Logo of Ishtar Commander Ishtar Commander

Tap into your Guardian's arsenal, vault, and inventory; all from your device.

collections inventory progress
Logo of Levante Levante

A multi-purpose Destiny 2 Discord bot. Track daily rotations, emblems, and more.

discord rotations stats
Logo of

The ultimate database for Destiny. Find weapons, quests, and more.

api collections progress
Logo of Little Light Little Light

An item manager for Destiny that will make your Guardian's life a lot easier.

collections inventory progress
Logo of Loot Pursuit Loot Pursuit

High-value Destiny 2 newsletter covering builds, guides and cheatsheets.

Logo of

A Destiny Discord bot created to help promote activity and healthy competition between clanmates.

clan discord stats
Logo of Quria Quria

User-friendly Destiny 2 API wrapper, written in TypeScript.

api typescript
Logo of Raid Report Raid Report

A summary of Raid statistics for Destiny. Look up raid clears, speedruns, and sherpas.

Logo of Redrix Redrix

A Destiny app which provides tools to improve your PvP skills.

Logo of rich-destiny rich-destiny

Discord Rich Presence utility app for Destiny 2.

Logo of Rollfinder Rollfinder

Find your god rolls in Destiny.

Logo of Scrublandeux Scrublandeux

A calendar heatmap of time spent playing Destiny.

Logo of Shattered Vault Shattered Vault

A Destiny resource that aims to provide weekly reset information, essential guides, and links to popular third-party apps.

  • Mal — Maintainer
Logo of SRL² SRL²

Randomize your Destiny 2 loadout!

Logo of

A Destiny tool that allows you to make the daily Strike modifiers work in your favor!

planning rotations
Logo of The Cosmodrome The Cosmodrome

Directory of third-party Destiny resources.

Logo of TodayInDestiny TodayInDestiny

A summary of what's available in Destiny today.

Logo of Trials Report Trials Report

The ultimate companion for Trials of Osiris. Look up everything on your opponents or yourself and see your game improve!

Logo of Vault Item Manager Vault Item Manager

Lightning-fast item manager app for Destiny.

collections inventory